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Replay - A Summer of Greatness: Am I My Mind?

Added: August 29, 2014
Length: 1:38:00

Episode #81

The nature of the thinking mind is fear, doubt and judgment. It’s an inner chatterbox which takes us further and further from our real essence. Now imagine if you let it rule your life…  There’s no problem with the mind; resistance to it is the only difficulty. This is your wake-up call to quiet your mind, to stop entertaining and analyzing your thoughts, so that you can find a true connection with your heart.

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Replay - Throw Away Greatness & Step Into Freedom

Added: August 19, 2014
Length: 1:00:21

Episode #80

In this episode you’ll learn how our concept of greatness is shaped within us, and how not knowingly we carry within us concepts of greatness that are not necessarily ours in all aspects. Do we pay a price? Do we choose to continue being bound by society concepts of greatness? This is an invitation to open to freedom and to a fresh way of relating to our own inner realm of greatness. Are we ready to be surprised?

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Replay - A Summer of Greatness: Am I My Emotions?

Added: August 1, 2014
Length: 1:13:25

Episode #79

In this month’s event a Senior Journey Practitioner Bet Diening-Weatherston hosts an intimate online class where you can safely connect to the deepest, most authentic part of you—and find true relief from isolation and loneliness. It’s your wake-up call to stop constantly trying to please others just to find some love and connection. It’s time for a change!

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Replay - A Life Without Borders: How to Live Outside My Comfort Zone

Added: July 1, 2014
Length: 00:52:37

Episode #78

Everyone of us have felt lost at least once in life, wanting to make a change but not knowing how. It’s been scary to move outside the familiar and accepted norms. Our guest speaker Yosi Kossowsky will guide you through a powerful teaching and process work on pushing your boundaries and respond differently to life’s events. This is an invitation to step out of your comfort zone.

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Replay - A Summer of Greatness: Am I My Body?

Added: June 27, 2014
Length: 1:17:49

Episode #77

This is the first episode of the series, “A Summer of Greatness: Who Am I Really?” During these beautiful three months you’ll learn some of the mistakes we’ve made  by identifying with our body, our emotions and our mind as believing that is who we truly are. You’ll explore the three most common leadership styles: Charismatic, Servant and Collaborative. In every episode you’ll go through powerful Meditation and a Belief Change process, so that you can shift your old disempowering – fear based beliefs into empowering leadership truths.

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Replay - Out of the Blue: How to Clear the Root Causes of Depression, Part II

Added: June 13, 2014
Length: 1:09:47

Episode #76

This is the second part of the Out of the Blue series where we are focusing on clearing out the root causes of depression.

Around 350 million people worldwide suffer with depression, emotional shutdown or suppression. We often learn at an early age to keep our emotions in check, under wraps, hidden. So that we can keep feelings or emotions at bay, especially the “unwanted” ones that create discomfort for our loved ones or are judged by society as inappropriate.

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Replay - Out of the Blue: How to Clear the Root Causes of Depression

Added: May 13, 2014
Length: 1:14:40

Episode #75

Traditionally, the causes of depression are reckoned to be difficult life circumstances. But, harsh though our life traumas may be, they are simply catalysts, triggers of depression, and not the real cause. The root causes lie deeper.

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Replay - Masterclass 6: Joyous Abundance

Added: May 8, 2014
Length: 1:17:14

Episode #74

Do you ever feel like there is something blocking you, holding you back or preventing you from receiving abundance in your life — as if life has been knocking at your door longing to shower you, yet somehow you feel blocked, shut down, undeserving, unworthy, or just incapable of receiving all the bounty life wants to offer you?

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Replay - How to Stay Balanced in Busy Times?

Added: April 30, 2014
Length: 0:59:01

Episode #73

Have you been feeling stuck or run aground lately? Have you been rushing and not giving yourself enough time to just stay still and relax? It might seem a difficult task to find your balance between everyday duties and relaxation.

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Replay - Masterclass 5: Letting Go of Blocks to Self-Love

Added: April 14, 2014
Length: 1:02:36

Episode #72

Most of us find we are able to offer love to others quite easily, naturally, whereas when it comes to letting love in, genuinely appreciating ourselves, we feel lost, blocked, unworthy, undeserving.

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